The Art Of Giving

    The Art Of Giving

    Support a Child is a flagship program of Assam Foundation of North America (AFNA) for contributing to the underprivileged students in Assam

    So often when you give away to a charitable cause, you have no way of knowing who you are actually helping. In this unique experience, you not only get to know who, but you have the privilege of getting to know the child one-on-one. This is a wonderful experience and many times it brings joy and satisfaction to both the families. This is also an interactive process, where your own children get to participate in another child’s life and henceforth learn to count their own blessings and fill their young lives with love and gratitude.

    Support A Child – highlighting donor Monalee Saharia

    Monalee Saharia lives in Boston, United States. Her father, Dr. Sasanka Baruah, passed away twelve years ago. Dr. Baruah was a professor at Assam Agriculture University, Jorhat, Assam, who dedicated his life to teaching. On the 12th anniversary of their father’s death, Monalee and her siblings (Swapnalee, Barnalee and Dipanka who live in Assam) offered to sponsor a child using AFNA’s Support a Child program. A function was organized on this occasion and Bornalee Baruah and other family members attended the event.

    Support to Jibanjyoti Hazarika

    Krishanu Kaushik has been associated with Assam Foundation of North America for a long time and has contributed significantly to the success of various projects. Krishanu is supporting Jibanjyoti Hazarika . Jibanjyoti completed his matriculation and presently studying at the Darrang College. Jibanjyoti won several medals at the National Fencing championship. He is doing well in his sport, however the financial condition of his family (Mom) is still very bad. Mr. Krishanu will continue would like to renew his S-a-C scholarship to Jibanjyoti.

    Spreading Sunshine

    Kaushik Das Atma Nirbhar - Ek Challenge

    Most of you will be knowing that AFNA is supporting our 'Spreading Sunshine' project. The primary aim of 'Spreading Sunshine' is to try to improve the 'quality of life' of the marginalised people living in residential social welfare institutions like orphanages, destitute homes etc., by mobilising support from the public. We make it a point to visit some of these homes during Dewali, both the Bihus and Holi, with appropriate gifts. This time, we visited 6 institutions with Dewali gifts (diyas, xolitha, jolokiya bombs, phuljaris, chakris etc), and, some clothes (old, but in good condition). The children of course were thrilled to see us. What made our day was that they said that they were expecting us with the gifts. We were happy that we did not fail their expectations --- and for that, we have to thank AFNA, and, friends of mine who give me a vehicle and a driver to deliver the items in these institutions (because of the increasing traffic in Guwahati, I have started requesting my friends for a vehicle). These gifts at the time of these festivals is a very big support for them --- more emotionally, than in value. I thank AFNA on behalf of all the beneficiaries. As a facilitator of the project, it has been an enriching experience for me. Therefore, I am grateful and thankful too.

    Society for Health and Educational Development (SHED)

    Training & Rehabilitation Centre for Differently Able Children

    A Letter By Lanu Areng Aimol

    We extend our heartfelt gratitude to AFNA family for your kind humanitarian action and to support three children of SHED. SHED has been supporting these three special children in its own ways by providing free food, lodging and bearing educational expenses. However, the needs of these children are much more than what SHED can presently provide to them. We appreciated the step taken up by AFNA in this direction really address their problem and enable them to stand on their own feet. By doing so, it will not only help these underprivileged children but also create general awareness among the society that they also have the right to live a normal life and enjoy the blessing of the creator.

    We would like to request AFNA to include few more children who are really in need of your valued support. The matter has been informed to Ms. Meghnalim Sarma during her visit, for consideration. Hence, these children can be considered most genuine, special to support for their rehabilitation service charges. We extend our heartfelt gratitude thanks to all the member of AFNA.

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